Best Electric Breast Pumps

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Expression of breast milk is done in order to store the milk when either the mother is not present to feed the child or if the mother’s breasts need a break from breastfeeding. Electric pumps are used to extract breast milk with less effort than with manual pumps; however, an electric pump can be a lot more costly. Because of the ease of expressing milk, electric pumps are preferred by mothers who need to express more in a shorter period of time.

Some electronic breast pumps come with double functioning features while others offer a higher rate of suction or even an adjustable rate. Here are a few of the best electric breast pumps you can choose from:


Medela Pump in Style Advanced

This one won the Best Value award. It is well-designed and easy to use. It makes less noise and its double pumping system generates more milk in a shorter duration with adjustable speed. It is even good for mothers who need to feed more than a child. BPA free, it can be used on electricity as well as batteries. It costs around $250, which is a price that’s reasonable if we consider the functionality it provides. It comes with a pump system, bottles, and an insulated cooler bag and tote bag.


Medela Pump in Style

If you are looking for a product for frequent and longer use, then Medula Double Electric Pump is the one for you. The double pump is strong with the facility of multiple speed and styles. It consists of Bishenol-A which means it is plastic free. Its suction can be synced with that of a baby i.e. it is adjustable. It is effortless to use at work, as well as, while travelling, and cleaning is simple too. It comes in a Metro Bag pump motor which makes the carrying flexible. It has 8AA batteries so lack of electricity is not an issue anymore. Other gadgets include: ice pack, AC adapter, breast shields, milk carrying and storing bottles, membranes, connector valves and slow flow nipples. Its price tag is $282.99


Spectra Baby USA S1 Hospital Grade

This is rated higher by most mothers. It is expensive; however totally worth the price. In the Baby Gear Lab test, it performed the best. No matter how many times mothers use this, they don’t feel sore at all. It is transportable and can be used anywhere. It provides extreme comfort, is completely hygienic, and you won’t feel a thing while pumping the milk. It comes with the rate of $359, and $206 on Amazon but it is not the machine you are investing in but your child’s nourishment. The package includes two bottles nipples, two breast shields, two bottle stands, two disks, two back flow filters, two valves, two caps, a pump and a pumping tube. Its battery is rechargeable and two extra features include a nightlight and a timer.

When selecting breast pumps, you need to consider its efficiency, comfort, usability, hygiene, acoustics, and portability, and match it with its value. While there could be many other electric breast pumps which are considered best, the above three are more popular and demanded by a majority of lactating mothers.

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