Best Manual Breast Pumps

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Engorgement issues are faced by every mother in the early stages of breast feeding. To reduce the engorgement, a manual pump is the best tool which could be used occasionally. If you are a new mother and have never used breast pumps before, then manual breast pumps are great to start with before switching to the electric ones. It is portable and doesn’t require any battery or electricity; just human effort and you are good to go.

Few features in a manual breast pump make it stand out, which include its weight, level of noise, level of easiness, size and its price tag. Mentioned below are some manual pumps which are considered to be the best by the larger population:


Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

This is one of the best-selling manual breast pumps which have a two-phase expression. This technology helps in pumping more milk in less time. It initiates with a fast speed and ends slowly. It costs around $30 from Target. It has a single pump and is good for occasional use. The weight of this pump is very light which makes it effortless to carry. The container is BPA- free and easy to clean. It is packed with a pump, a 24mm breast shield, a valve, membrane (two spare membranes) and two 150 Ml BPA-free breast milk bottles. There are two modes in this pump: the Let-down mode and the Expression mode. The former replicates the child’s initial suckling to initiate a faster flow of milk and the latter mimics the slower and deeper suckling of a baby. Both modes are designed to generate more flow in less time.


Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Manual Breast Pump

Closer to Nature comes with the price tag of $25. It can be changed into a BPA-free bottle whenever the need arises. For storage and hygiene purpose, a sterilizer box is provided. It has additional disposable breast pads which improve the breast pumping skills of the mother and causes fewer setbacks. It consists of three divisions which are simpler to put together. The cups are soft and extremely comfortable. The process of expression is soundless and is completely controlled by the mother. It comes with two milk storage bottles, a microwave sterilizer box, six disposable breast pads, and a 5 oz. Closer to Nature feeding bottle.


Lasinoh Manual Breast Pump

This one is manageable and can be used anywhere. It has two modes: Stimulation and Expression. These are useful in gathering milk in less time. The ergonomic easy-express makes the milk pumping less painful as it requires human effort. Its additional feature is that it has two sizes of flanges which fit women of all sizes. The standard one is 25mm and the large one is 30.5mm. The BPA-free bottle in which milk is pumped out can be used as a feeding bottle too. It requires fewer parts to attach with it which make it easier to use and clean. Its price is $29.99. The package includes: two flanges of different sizes, a pump, two BPA-free bottles, a nipple, a cap, a collar, storage bag samples, and a bottle stand.

Electric pumps are expensive even when they are rented; therefore, manual pumps can be used as a more economical alternative. With the latest advancements in manual breast pump technology, you will be able to get great results with these pumps.

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