Products That Help with Breastfeeding

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As natural as breastfeeding is, a new mother is bound to have a hard time with nursing and developing a proper latch. However, when that doesn’t work, you can always make use of the variety of products available that can help you with breastfeeding. Here are some items that can help you breastfeed your baby and make sure his nutritional needs are being met.

Lanolin Cream

New moms are generally given lanolin cream samples to alleviate sore and cracked nipples from initial breastfeeding. Not only is it safe for your newborn to consume but there is no need to wipe off the cream before nursing. That being said, sore nipples are a result of improper latch. Hence, try to improve your baby’s latch and the pain will subdue eventually.

Breast Pads

Breast pads are inserts that help in preventing milk stains on clothing. They are applied inside the bra and are available as disposables, reusable, and washables. Once the moisture gets trapped in the pads, you should replace or wash the breast pads in order to prevent any skin complications. There are even some really cute washable designer breast pads from that you may like.

Nipple Shield

On some days, the pain of an improper latch is unbearable, but then again, your newborn needs proper nutrition. That’s where nipple shields come in to help your baby develop a stronger latch and to prevent nipple sores. The proper latch is when your baby sucks the areola along with the nipple. Silicon nipple shields are highly effective as their design helps the baby to latch onto the areola.

Breast Shields

Breasts are in all shapes and sizes, and some mothers have inverted or flat nipples which only make it all the more difficult for your baby to latch on. However, using breast shells can help you pull out your nipples and make it easier for your baby to get its required nutrition supply. Breast shells are ideal for use even when you’re not nursing or have not conceived yet.

Breast Pumps

Sleep deprivation is never good for the nursing mother or her child. And with demanding jobs to return to, you are only deteriorating your personal and your baby’s health with lack of sleep and rest. Provided that your baby is now older than 4 weeks, you can consider using electric breast pumps to ensure that your child is getting the right supply of milk. There are many varieties in breast pumps readily available online. Just make sure that you buy ones that come with storage bags, bottles, and other accessories.


Many mothers have to face the dilemma of not producing enough breastmilk. While a lot of factors can result in low breast milk supply, the most common is improper nutrition. Talk to your gynecologist and lactation consultant regarding supplements that are safe for consumption to restore the natural nutrient balance in your body. Supplements can help you increase breastmilk supply when combined with proper nutrition. This can ensure you that your baby is getting the adequate supply and quality of nutrition it needs to develop progressively with time!

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