Stop Soaking The Bed!

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All new mothers go through irregular breast leakage in the initial stage of breastfeeding. Some leak for a few weeks while others, for months. Around 90% of new mothers face leaking breasts. The dripping is caused by a hormone named oxytocin, which causes overflow to occur when you hear a baby cry or think about your baby.

Leakage could be a real problem when you have to nurse your child while sleeping. But you can take following precautions to keep your clothes and bedsheets dry.


Use Breast Pads

Breast Pads are used for instant protection from leakage. It will soak up the milk and prevent your clothes and sheets from getting wet. A lot of women opt for nursing pads made of cloth as it is reusable and more economical. You can also make your own breast pad by using diapers and sanitary pads by cutting them accordingly. Keep it near your bed to reach for it easily.


Have Regular Feedings

When you feed your child breast milk regularly, it reduces the mishaps of leakage. It lessens the feeling of engorgement which occurs when breasts are heavy and full. As the accident of leakage reduces, your sheets will remain clean and dry.


Pump Before Bed

Before you sleep, express your milk with a manual or electric pump. Emptying your breasts before going to bed will reduce engorgement and the chances of leaking while you rest. The milk could be store to feed your baby later. Another way to collect milk is by using breast shell; however they need be sterilized after usage.


Apply Pressure

Applying pressure over your nipples could also prevent outflow. Every time you experience the itchy feeling, you should hug your breasts by crossing your arms and apply slight pressure. This will reduce the flow and save you from laundry chores.


Use a Towel

While breastfeeding from one breast, many women start leaking from the other one. In this situation, messing up the sheets usually happens. The right way to deal with this circumstance is to attach a towel or muslin over the overflowing breast which will soak up the leaking milk.

Leaking of breast milk is considered healthy. As soon as the baby stops feeding at night, mothers start facing leakages. Your body will automatically sync with the milk-producing process and leakages will reduce eventually.

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