Foods that Help Increase Milk Production

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Breastfeeding your child as much as you can is one of the most recommended and best ways of nurturing them. Not only does nursing boost your child’s immune system, it also helps make babies secure in themselves and happy. Are you a mom battling issues with sufficient milk supply for your baby? Maybe these can help.


Dehydration is among the major root causes of health conditions today. Being hydrated is critical for sufficient milk production. Make sure to get at least 8 glasses of water a day.


This herb has been used by women to increase milk supply since ancient times. Although many scientists do not know how this herb works, they believe that oil in the Fenugreek seeds is the reason for the boost. Studies show that Fenugreek can increase milk supply by 900 percent, and most mothers have reported noticing an increase within 72 hours of taking the herb. Some side effects reported by mothers who take fenugreek were increased perspiration and sweet smelling urine. You can find Fenugreek at your local health food store.


Although there is little research to back up this claim, garlic has been said to increase milk supply. Eating too much, however, can also affect the smell and taste of your breastmilk and may make your baby colicky.

Fennel and Cumin Seeds

These seeds are a must have and its freshening flavors make them an instant hit among new mothers. Apart from being a galactagogue, or a food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk, it is known to have a positive impact on the child’s digestive system preventing constipation and colic.


Besides being a milk secretion agent, oats are known to have a positive impact on the immune system of the babies. Its high fiber and nutrition quotient makes it an ideal choice for new mothers battling digestion or constipation issues.

Sesame Seeds

These seeds are rich in calcium and a necessary nutrient for mom and baby.


Whole nuts are rich in proteins and essential fatty acids which stimulate the neurons for inducing milk production. New mother’s battling weight issues should consider snacking on nuts. Apart from the essential energy burst, it gives a feeling of fullness and prevents hunger pangs.

Holy Basil

Vitamin K and many medicinal values make this herb an essential on a nursing mother’s diet plan. It is known to help prevent common cold, stomach issues and improve appetite. This works great for babies who are still learning to feed between naps.

Carom Seeds

Add a tinge of bitter pungent taste to your vegetables and breads with Carom seeds. These are believed to benefit both lactation and digestion problems.

Green Vegetables

Any vegetable and leaves green in color are known to help improve lactation and boost the immune system. Include these easily available options and enrich your diet as your child nourishes to health and strength.



As with any advice, please consult with your doctor prior to ingesting any of these foods. 

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